A graduate from the California Institute of the Arts film and television program,  Rick Jacobson began his professional filmmaking career with legendary film producer Roger Corman when he hired Jacobson to direct the martial arts actioner “FULL CONTACT” - Jacobson’s first full-length feature film, at the age of 21.


With 15 feature films spanning action / horror / thriller / comedy / romance to his credit, Jacobson transitioned to the small screen where he has served as director,  producer and writer of over 100 episodes of episodic television.

For “SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND” Jacobson was called upon to helm the first two episodes where he defined the look, style and design of the groundbreaking series.  Over the following IV seasons, Jacobson moved into the role of Producer where he helped guide the production through its enormous visual and technical challenges  all while continuing to direct the series most demanding episodes - including the critically acclaimed series finale entitled, “Victory”. 

With the series “ASH VS EVIL DEAD” Jacobson was once again was enlisted as Executive Producer and Writer as well as the series Director for all III seasons of the horror / comedy’s successful run.   For the climatic final two episodes of the series, Jacobson wrote as well directed - cementing the destiny of the franchises iconic lead character, Ash Williams.

Most recently Jacobson’s skills were called upon with History Channels large scale production - “KNIGHTFALL” -  A dramatic series based on the exploits of the 13th century Knights Templar.   Filmed in Prague, Czech Republic, Jacobson serves as Executive Producer and series Director where he continues to bring his years of experience and unique vision to every production he serves. 

Rick Jacobson currently lives in both Auckland New Zealand and Los Angeles California where he continues to write and develop projects for both film and televison.   (- as well as racing motocross in his spare time.)  

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